We offer expert advice on accounting issues (accounting, reporting and valuation) in accordance with IFRS and HGB and provide support in the design and implementation. Current topics are: Annual and consolidated financial statements, regulatory reporting (e.g. FinRep), hedge accounting, IFRS 9, accounting logic and IFRS reporting packages.

Financial Accounting

Expert advice on accounting issues according to National-GAAP and IFRS.

Your added value

  • Conversion of accounting from IAS 39 to IFRS 9, analysis and implementation of the changes from national GAAP and IFRS.
  • Handling of special accounting issues such as valuation units, hedge accounting, value adjustments and classification.
  • Conception and implementation of the notes.

Case Studies

Regulatory Reporting

Analysis of regulatory requirements by national, European and international supervision. Essay of the reporting reports including quality assurance.

Your added value

  • Analysis of the requirements in draft and final, definition of the requirements for the individual institution.
  • Determination of the implementation needs, implementation of the solution and test of the implementation.
  • Quality assurance of the messages with focus on completeness, consistency, punctuality, stability, plausibility and correctness.

Case Studies

Regulatory Management

Identification of regulatory developments and clarification of the impact and implications for the organisation and IT - Impact Analysis.

Your added value

  • Findings regarding the timing and impact on financial instruments, services, customer groups and processes.
  • Derivation of measures for implementing regulatory requirements in IT systems and organisational processes.
  • GAP analysis, milestone and implementation planning for efficient project management.
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