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Interfaces for Reconciliation and Accounting Rebound (EN)


If SimCorp Dimension is not used as the leading system for accounting, a reconciliation of the transfered data is needed to asure the correctness in both systems. For the purpose of a portfolio management based on correct data, the calculated accounting information has to be transfered back into SCD. We at aietes have designed and implemented solutions for both parts of the interfaces between two systems using SCD-own functionalities like the Communication Server and the Data Extractor and can provide a functioning and stable implementation of the necessary technical components. Our colleagues are able to be the facilitator for the setup of the solution providing the competence in connecting both IT and business departments and the knowledge to design effective concepts.


  • As-Is-analysis of current setups or requirements of a new implementation
  • Drafting of implementation concepts
  • Technical developments and adjustments
  • Support of the interface and transition into daily business


  • Setups for reconciliation data extraction and accounting data rebound in auditor approvable quality
  • Long-lasting, resilient techical implementation

Skills aietes

  • Analysis of technical and business requirements
  • Projectlead of implementation project
  • Setup andparameterization
  • Testmanagement
  • Documentation and business transition

Your contact

Markus Wohlfahrt
Markus WohlfahrtManager

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+41 78 691 60 71

Reference projects

  • Implementation of an extraction interface for a data recon tool in SAP (German insurance complany)
  • Development of a Communication Server setup utilised to match positions and import accounting transactions (German insurancy company)