We offer asset managers, custodian banks and settlement and service providers both our expertise and the corresponding implementation experience with SimCorp Dimension. We deliver holistic Front2Back consulting approaches in the following areas Asset classes, trade flow and business functions.

Asset Classes

We provide support in the conception and mapping along the New Instrument Process, the establishment or expansion of investment and holding companies as well as fund and portfolio structures. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the effects on the Front2Back processes - trade flow, compliance, performance, output and risk management.

Your added value

  • Improved transparency of performance and risk within the value chain.
  • Efficient mapping of the investment process.
  • Control and monitoring of daily operations at business model level.
  • Process optimization for new product process introduction by considering business models and their added value.

Trade Flows

We support the efficient mapping of Front2Back processes. In doing so, we consider the in-/out-sourcing concepts along the business models of our clients and strengthen them in terms of system technology, taking into account mandatory trading reporting (EMIR, FinfraG, etc.) - asset life cycle.

Your added value

  • Increase the efficiency of the investment process by automating order and trade flows.
  • Increase of the STP rate and reduction of error sources

Case Studies

Business Functions

For implementation projects, we provide solution concepts for questions from the subject areas: Front, middle and back office. We advise our customers in the pursuit of market standards or adapt our concepts to customer requirements.

Your added value

  • Increase of quality for new functionalities by separating business requirements and technical implementation.
  • Rapid implementation based on our expertise, system understanding and proven project methodology.

Case Studies

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