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Business models and trade flow (EN)

In the course of a SimCorp Dimension implementation project, the...

Challenge In the course of a SimCorp Dimension implementation project, the business models of an asset manager and operation provider are to be analyzed and the requirements for trading and reconciliation processes are to be ascertained. Procedure Requirements elicitation and documentation along the investment process Structure of business models according to plain vanilla, advisory, insourcing and outsourcing mandates Definition of lifecycles according to financial instrument types Result Integration of the order flows of an order routing desk with 3rd party brokers (incl. bulk orders) Generation of portfolio relevant transactions, settlement instructions and corporate actions. Automatic position and cash balance reconciliation via Swift and implementation of manual reconciliation processes Skills aietes Design of coordinated business models with trading processes Inclusion of requirements for interfaces (SWIFT, FIX, CSV, etc..) Knowledge of the common protocols relating to payment transactions, corporate actions and reconciliation, inventory reconciliation Your contact Jacob Schulte am Hülse Member of the Board This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +41 78 610 60 88 Reference projects Front2Back SimCorp Dimension Introduction in KAG/VW and DB environment (AT) Business analysis of business models, trade flows, reconciliation (CH) Day-to-day management as business analyst (processes, requirements, implementation)